Gene Therapy continued

by Josieannaamy
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Gene Therapy continued

Gene Therapy(CONTINUED)





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What can't science do? Gene therapy can cure many diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and many viral infections. We can save many more lives now. You're loved ones can spend more time with you, as well. Although there is one or two disadvantages, I would rather have a side effect then live with a terminal disease that could end my life at a young age. Many people think it's unethical, but really would you want your child to have a horrible disease? I personally love the idea of gene therapy because we can offer people a second chance in life.

Gene therapy is a way to help many people everywhere. Unhealthy genes are replaced with new healthy ones. This can help cure numerous illnesses and diseases.Even though there are risks of a malfunction, gene therapy is still a good decision to make as a patient to help cure you. It will help you and your family line later on to not end up with ailments either. This type of genetics project sounds like a very helpful one and should be researched more. This option should be available to everyone, in my opinion. After reading all of the facts, gene therapy just seems like a reasonable choice if you are struggling with a disease. The advantages also out-weigh the disadvantages.

:what we think

Gene therapy can be used to help many people, but many people think that gene therapy is "useless" because if you get the results back of whether your baby has an illness, you might not want to have the baby which could lead to abortions. That's what others say my opinion however is different. I think gene therapy is a beneficial process. Sure it has it's disadvantages but the advantages far outrage the disadvantages. The disadvantage of this processis that soon to be mothers could get an abortion if the baby has an illness but who needs an abortion when you can replace the the defective gene with a new healthy one ? Also you can give your child a chance to live a normal life instead of dragging through life with an illness. It also doesn't matter when to go through this process; you could be an infant, adoscent, or even an adult.My point is that almost everything has a disadvantage, but sometimes the advantages are far better.

"We used to think our fate was in our stars but now we know that, inlarge measure, our fate is in our genes." - James Watson



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