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Gene Forrester

Gene Forrester Post-Mortem of a PROTAGONIST

Head:Gene realizes that he is jealous of Phineas's physical accomplishments. However, Gene believes that Phineas is jealous of his academic achievements and is out to get him, evening things out."Finny had deliberately set out to wreck my studies.""We were even after all, even in enmity. The deadly rivalry was on both sides after all."

Eyes:Gene cannot forget the night that Finny fell out of the tree.; Gene knows that he jounced the limb causing Finny to fall. This is on his mind throughout the novel, and he attempts to confess to Finny what happened, but Finny refuses to believe that Gene would do such a thing. Now, even with this weight on his chest, he wants to keep it a secret from the other boys at Devon.

Arms:Boys at the Devon school were required to participate in a sport, a sport-related class, or managing a team sport. Gene does not want to participate in a sport, so he decides to work at the Crew House. There he took up the grueling job of assisstant senior crew manager of the rowing team. "With that blank filled, I took up my duties as assisstant senior crew manager. There is no such position officially, but it sometimes came into existence through necessity, and was the opposite of sinecure."

Feet:Gene has traveled to Boston to visit Finny while he was recovering, and Leper's house in Vermont during a snow-filled winter. Older Gene has traveled around from military camp to camp learning and training with new weaponry during the war. "That night I made for the first time the kind of journey which later became the monotonous routine of my life: traveling through an unknown countryside from one unknown settlement to another."

Torso:Once Gene realizes that Finny is not jealous of him and is truly just a good friend, he feels terrible for ever thinking that. Seeing how great of a person Finny is, Gene is overcome with something that makes him jounce the limb causing Finny to fall. After the accident Gene fears Finny will be disgusted with him, but when Gene tries to tell him, he doesn't want to believe it. Now Gene fears that the other boys might find out that it was never an accident. "He had never been jealous of me for a second. Now I knew that there never was and never could have been any rivalry between us. I was not of the same quality as he."

Hands:Gene struggles with his logic in thinking that Phineas is trying to sabotage his academics. He also struggles with being inadequate when comparing himself to Phineas. This takes over his mind and body, and in a rash decision, Gene jounces the limb of the tree causing Phineas to fall and shattering his leg.

Legs:While most teenage kids might enjoy playing sports, Gene enjoys focusing on his academics for fun. He also partakes in the Finny's club, The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session, because he enjoys Finny's company and wants him to like him. Along with that, Gene participated in Finny's new game, Blitzball.

Wings:At the end of A Separate Peace, Gene has ended his senior year of high school at Devon. His next step was to enlist in the Navy, travel to Pensacola where he would be stationed, and start a new life there. Gene enlisted rather than waiting to be drafted so he could chose his own fate, and a branch of the military that wasn't so bad."So I've joined the Navy and they're sending me to Pensacola."


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