Gender Stereotypes

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Gender Stereotypes

Ideal male is perhaps seen as competent, stable, tough, confident, strong, accomplished, non-conforming, aggressive and is the leader. Ideal female is perhaps seen as warm, emotional, kind, polite, sensitive, friendly, fashionable, gentle, soft and is the follower.

Gender Stereotypes

What is it?

How Do We Measure Gender Equality?



Is measured by looking at the representation of men and of women in a range of roles. A number of international comparative gender equality indices have been prepared and these offer a way to compare Ireland’s achievements with those of other countries.

Is achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society.

‘Men are insensitive’‘Women are bad drivers’‘All men love sports’‘All women love shopping and gossiping’

Women and girls face barriers and disadvantages in all sectors in which we operate especially in Africa and South Asia.

The gender discrimination in education is both a cause and a consequence of deeply rooted inequalities in society. Therefore, women should be integrated into all levels of education, from early childhood to higher education.


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