[2015] Simon Bruns: Gender Inequality Index

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[2015] Simon Bruns: Gender Inequality Index

The Gender Inequality Index

What is it? The Gender Inequality Index (GII) is an index that is taken by the United Nations and was introduced in 2010. The GII is given in a similar value as the HDI, between 0.0 and 1.0 (where 1.0 is the worst possible level of inequality and 0.0 is complete equality)

What it is trying to measure: In broad terms it is trying to measure the inequality between genders in different countries taking the above factors into account.

How is it measured? It is measured in three aspects: reproductive health, empowerment and labor market participation. Most of the data for these is collected from other UN organizations such as the World Health Organization and UNICEF, but also from the World Bank.

Highest (Worst):1.Cote D’Ivoire (0.645 or 64.5%) [143]2.Central African Republic (0.654 or 65.4%) [144]3.Liberia (0.655 or 65.5%) [145]4.Mozambique (0.657 or 65.7%) [146]5.Democratic Republic of the Congo (0.669 or 66.9%) [147]6.Mali (0.673 or 67.3%) [148]7.Afghanistan (0.705 or 70.5%) [149]8.Chad (0.707 or 70.7%) [150]9.Niger (0.709 or 70.9%) [151]10.Yemen (0.733 or 73.3%) [152 and lowest

Lowest (Best):1.Slovenia (0.021 or 2.1%)2.Switzerland (0.030 or 3.0%)3.Germany (0.046 or 4.6%)4.Sweden (0.054 or 5.4%)5.Denmark and Austria (0.056 or 5.6%)6.-7.Netherlands (0.057 or 5.7%)8.-9.Belgium and Norway (0.068 or 6.8%)10.-

GII Data in visual terms on a World Map

The Gender Equality Index produced by the European Institute for Gender Equality, an alternate measure of gender equality/ineqaulity

Advantages: That it is a concise measure of gender inequality around the world and is simple to understand.Disadvantage: That it may leave out some important aspects which need to be included when assesing gender inequality. This is due to the complexity in the calculation of this index.


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