Gender Dysphoria Disorder

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Gender Dysphoria Disorder

The cause is unknown, but hormonal influences in the womb may be involved. The condition is rare and may occur in children or adults.

In Children:-Express the desire to be the opposite sex.-Have disgust with their own genitals.-Believe that they will grow up to become the opposite sex-Are rejected by their peer group and feel isolated-Have depression and/or anxietyIn Adults:-Desire to live as a person of the opposite sex-Wish to be rid of their own genitals-Dress in a way that is typical of the opposite sex-Feel isolated-Have anxiety

Description:Gender dysphoria is a strong feeling that you are not in the right outside body or feeling that you identify with the opposite gender. People with gender dysphoria desire to live as the opposite sex. For example, a male may feel and act like a female, or a female may feel and act like a male.

Gender Dysphoria/ Gender Identity Disorder

For Children:-Individual or family counseling.For Adults:-Individual or couples counseling.Sex reassignment through surgery and hormonal therapy is an option, but severe problems may persist after this form of treatment




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