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History of the Geisha In earlier Japan the "geisha" wasn't necessasarily referred to as geisha. Rather the saburko girls, typically displaced girls. These girls would entertain men, in most circumstances sexually, but others would obtain a higher education and yes become entertainers but in a more superior fashion.......

Appearence -White face makeup-Red lips-Black accents -5 different hairstyles -Kimonos-Wooden shoes-Umbrellas

Singers Dancers Actresses Poets Musicians Prostitutes

Facts - Girl geisha were called saburuko until the 18th century -The first geisha were actually men, but for just there for pure entertainment -the first girl geisha was declared in 1750, she was of course a prostitute - Decline in geisha in WWII because women had to go work in factories

Japenese Female Entertainer

A traditional Maiko fan dance

Yeah I'm an Oiran Geisha, i get to act for the men and sleep with them.

Becoming a GeishaA maiko is a geisha in training. To become a geisha you are mentored by a onee-san(older sister) who teaches you the tasks of being a geisha. They teach them the proper way to serve tea, and how to communicate with clients.

Fun Facts-Face makeup was made out of lead during the Meiji Era -U.S prostitutes started calling themselves geishas -There were 5 different ranks of geisha

Geisha Ranks1. Hanamachi2. Gion Kobu3. Pontocho4. Kamishickken5. Geikos

Need a Night of Fun?For more information call 1(800)get-yo-geishaorjust go to Japan!


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