Ge=Germanium 32

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Ge=Germanium 32



Clemens Winkler discovered Germanium in 1886 at a mine near Freiberg, Saxony in Germany.Germanium is a very important semiconductor. Germanium can be found in transistors, integrataed circuits, infrared spectroscopes, infrared detectors, use as an alloying agent, and as a catalyst.

~Expands as it freezes(Like Water)~Named Germanium latin for Germania, from Clemens Winkler's homeland Germany.

Physical Properties &Chemical Properties

Physical Properties~Melting Point~ 938.25*CBoiling Point~ 2833*CDensity~ 5.323g/cm3-Germanium is a gray, white metalloid-In pure state Germanium is crystalline and brittle, retaing it's luster in air at room temperatureChemical Properties~Germanium is an inactive elemant unless divided. Geramanium does not dissolve in water but dissolves in hot acid. Germanium does not react with oxygen at room tempatures

Atomic Mass~ 72.59Atomic Number~ 32Neutrons~ 41Protons~ 32Electrons~ 32Combining Capacity~ 4+Family Group~ 14

Interesting Facts

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