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gef poem

Assou: Good morning everyone :)What do you think about writing a collaborative poem? I know you are creative ^^ Someone starts the first line and others follow it with the same rhyme!Sylvia: Assou, you're full of great ideas.How about,....Sylvia: GEF is our place to explore....Assou: You have to be active to learn moRE...Pietro: But if you can't keep up with me You might fail to see ... Assou: BB I see you made a nice quotation I wonder why others didn't show their motivation!Jeffrey: It started on 8th June, not 8th May PP whose nickname BB decided to play Assou: I think we have to make this poem in bold We can't just leave it out in the cold! Jeffrey, are you ready to turn it into a song? Or am I the one who has her dreams all wrong? Jeffrey: If silence is golden and talking is clay I'm afraid I have nothing more to say The things we do, the things we say We should sing them out loud without delay GEF is a magical wall I call Funtastic Bay Where I dock my friendSHIPs night and daySylvia: The magic is cool with rainbow brains information is flying through high speed trains Pietro: If all this motion is causing commotion Then let's go on vacation And leave BB to give all the information. This way we'll play Without causing delay A show for our new members To show that we remember That they're our guests, foreverSylvia: Okay vacation,with great elation Breakfast on Sylvia's green With Stefi's food, I'm so keenAssou: WoW I know everyone of you is creative No matter what the objective :))Jeffrey: If a change is as good as a rest Let me lay down on the grass of this Shining ForestSylvia: Well, then let's put it to the test a day with friends is a day twice blessedJeffrey: Stunning, the True color is Violett she's just too sweet to forgetSylvia: Stunning is a member of the harem now they all want you to praise themAssou: Jeffrey, yesterday you left me speechless, I was amazed by your words no more no less,Jeffrey: I will be back And bring along a pact of beautiful praises for All the Dearest From Tunisia with love, here comes Assia Here's great sincere salute, from Palembang,IndonesiaAssou: WoW That was a great praise that's for sure a spiritual raise :)Jeffrey: Burning candles on both ends She's so cool she's got so many fans Hey PLN, the curious cat the early Humming bird Your powerful sword is your valuable wordSylvia: you do us all proud with your praise so loud keep it coming and we'll all be hummingJeffrey:The wise Lady with the torch Hanging around the GEF's porch Great minds think alike Let your light shine in the dark Where on earth our dearest Virtual ice cream Shall I softly whisper her name or shall I scream Just like a long long time ago fairy Tale Allesandra 'Ale' Garri is surely our BelleSylvia: If you're singing praises of all the harem who will take care of our GEF men? It falls to me I can see so much to say ... I need another day Jeffrey:Another day, another way Try your best so it won't fade away Last but certainly not least One of the six senses on the list Delicious Gnochi is made of patato Madam Italiano is Stefania D'AmatoSylvia:Let's just strike while the iron's hot forget the time, it matters not Rainbow brain, we'll start with you Your sweetness is a clever tool To help the ladies chat and share While stuck in that invincible snare So that's the harem, one and all there's someone else you've got to call, The B.B Guru is standing by he knows you will not tell a lieJeffrey:565 is a great number But it seems only you and me in this chamber This collaborative poem is like fever If they participate it would be much better Yes, you're right and I must go But not before I say one more For Mounir, fisherman, not only of the sea but who also fishes for you and me to find ideas and food for the soul to help GEF fulfil it's goalAssou:I am still with you reading what's new I see someone who has a clue in fact not one, there arereally two :DSylvia:I'm glad you're here, the muse of the group I'll let you add your special touch to this soupAssou:I think you missed some important men like Jeff and Steven the Englishman may be Jeffrey is working on it He didn't finish, may he is trying to fit I hope that the others will join us So we can enjoy spectacular successSylvia:We'll not miss a single man that would not be a good plan Who's next for you, Assou? Our morning man Steven Would you like to do?Sylvia:Join us please, our lovely friends Collaboration takes many hands This poetic blitz is a meeting of minds Let's make it special, one of a kind.Assou:Yes it's the one & only Stephanos without him the group would be at a lossSteven:I love the idea of a collaborative poem It's good to see such a 'consensus ad idem'Assou :I thought the best word to describe it is collective it seems that it's better to say collaborative. Thanks Steven for your intervention you always come up with the best solution Sylvia: Now our poem's in a safe place it won't disappear without a trace we were describing our GEF men so ,who's next to do it then?Mounir: Sorry to say we mustn't forget A Lady we all appreciate, I bet Caring, inspiring, supporting Pauline Seldom is she out, she's always in.Jeffrey: We did not forget her, it is not an excuse She is the fuse who gives us muse The State Electricity Company we call PLN The One who loves burning the candle on both endsSylvia: Asking all those searching questions reaching out, making connections, funny harem discussions at night & PLN is full of music might Santi: I read my name mentioned by Assou to take part I am so ashamed it took me ages to start But as a wise saying says, better late than never Now I am officially infected with this poem feverSylvia: But back to the men some things are not finished I was waiting for others not me to just do it... But never mind, I can't resist The words themselves cannot desist Our Steven of the meticulous eye whose attentive glance is always nigh is full of energetic wonder which never lets him have a slumber. Welcome Santi it's your turn missy let your fever guide you to describe the GuruJeffrey:No need to feel ashamed, even if it took you ages to startBut you should be ashamed of yourself, if in public you let a fartC'mon Young Guns, Old Guns, Let's have funThe Ladies seem to be keeping us on the runSteven:(On the subject of 'titles', if I may beg your attention, The 'Collaborative' term was Jeffrey's invention) I'm back home in Athens but for only a while And reading this poem has rasied in me a smile... It's so good to see all this poetic activity From a group which is blessed with such creativity. In a week or so's time I'll be back at my desk Though for time in the group I'll be really hard-pressed There's lots on my list that I still have to do But I'll be ever watchful and I'll post a bit too.Santi: Pietro's idiom of the day, always forces me to use my my brain And very often his jokes drive me ,laughingly insane He,whom we call The Guru, surely has a great sense of humour I guess he always keeps updating himself with the latest ...rumourSylvia: Raising smiles is our pleasure Happy moments are like treasure Now I'll wait for somone else's words To entertain us hopeless nerdsJeffrey: Reading your poem made me go WOW You are The Gentleman I respect with a BOW An Englishman leading a peaceful life in Athens If I got a chance, Your lesson on life I would attendSylvia: Rumour, humour, cool manouvere I'm so impressed you clever creature Santi you really know our man you've got him down pat, no flash in the pan Time to go, I hope to see more verses later for you and me.Santi: Once upon a time, to this group someone invited me to join It's FUNtastic, he almost screamed,I could imagine When I am in I really want to tell him something He was lying, it's not FUNtastic, it's amazingJeffrey:Tonight the stars are so brightly sparkling Just wondering where all the Men are wandering A few lines from them would make me a dancer Food for the soul as an appetizer One good day I was visiting a page Like a bird freely flying out of cage 'Tis Santa's soulmate amazes me with her words I bet that goes for all the early Humming BirdsSanti: It's after midnight, here in my place That's the time shown on my clock's face But just like it's hands that won't stop ticking These fingers of mine just keep on typingsilvia:I'm not a poet but I want to try to add my rhymes and tell you why playing with words, using my mind it all makes me feel one of a kind! I free my fantasy and all at once words in my head jump and bounce Enjoy this poem everyone write your verse or write your pun don't you worry about making a mistake you will see that it's a piece of cake!Sirin:I just noticed this lovely thread But not a single thought comes to my head I'll try it too, but you will see Not all of us a poet can be!Assou:Sorry Jeffrey I didn't notice it the word 'collaboration' was mentioned by you first. Santi, I am glad you joined and please don't feel so ashamed There's another man not already mentioned Jeff, the mysterious man that's what he's called Steven, nice to hear that from you I think I am so addicted to this group too I am helping to prepare the supper now checking my fb account with mobile, don't ask how one hand cooks and the other writes one eye on the screen and the other bright lol Sylvia, thanks for starting the participation I realized it isn't so difficult just a little concentration we are coming to build the best description of our GEF for open discussionJeffrey:If only time were on our side In me only Dr. Jeckyl, no Mr Hyde Ladies first, please hit the sack The heat is on and no turning backSanti: Silvia,talking about fantasy It reminds me of real ecstasy When I spread my wings like a bird without hesitation And soar in the beautiful sky of my imaginationSirin:I surely hope the heat's not on Else we'll shrivel up like a cinnamon bun It's way to hot too use the heat Some nice cool air would be a treatJeffrey:A poet or not a poet just let it be This thread was made for you and me Your words to me are just like a song I'll play the guitar and let's sing alongSirin: Beautiful notes floating through the air from Indonesia to Turkey...from here.... Lovely thoughts from global friends There are sure to be more just 'round the bend Santi:A poet writes poems, all dictionaries say And we are writing poems now, in our own way We are all poets at this moment, you see My GEF friends, are you with me? Jeffrey:I was breathless I was speechless You Ladies wear a beautiful Necklace Invisible necklace that only Sensitive men can see The inner beauty that puts men on their knees I just talked to the man in the mirror Your inner beauty I should borrow I've been working like a dog I should have been sleeping like a logSanti: The thread keeps growing, longer and prettier Each line looks like a pearl so dear Forming a beautiful string, mesmerizing everyone who sees A fine jewel describing how gorgeous GEF isJeffrey:It's better late than never Be a player not only a watcher I would say we are The A team Good night and have sweet dreams The collaborative term was not my invention It was somewhere I just happened to mention Today I am down but that is no matter For I'm sure tomorrow will be much betterAssou:When reading your words I feel flying like swords (of course not falling like them still flying and breathing ain't an item :D) Really I want to hear from Pauline I believe she has a great thoughts but still not seen btw, does your name end like 'line' or is it like 'seen' and it's fine? Good night Jeffrey and Santi I knew from the beginning you were full of great bountysilvia:This collaborative poem is keeping us dreaming all these lovely thoughts like gold are gleaming I say goodnight to all of you, members and poets Tomorrow I will find so many more lines, I know itSanti: Jeff and Pietro have something in common, I can say They always show up with their idioms of the day Yet, never at the same time they have the same one Leaving me wondering of how it can be doneJeff H: We’ve got the Harem, We’ve got the Boys! GEF is loaded with pearls of wisdom, It never annoys! With fearless leader Pietro And a group of smart chicks, GEF is the place to get your English kicks! We all love to chat and share the day’s news, If you want to improve your English, We’re dropping grammar clues! There are so many facebook pages, The options abound. But once you give GEF a shot, You’ll be telling the others: “I’ll see you around!”Sylvia: Hey girls, Jeff says we are the chicks we certainly are an interesting mix and fearless is the guru boss otherwise we'd be at a certain loss Hey Jeff, you say some interesting things about facebook groups, you mean we win? I only knew one other group which didn't match our handsome troop But as I am still wet behind the ears your words will give me facebook years And now for Jeff who we must describe he has enriched our diverse tribe His loyal followers flock everyday just to hear what he has to say And some of us listen to other things simple ideas with powerful wings never fish for compliments or lies will be to your detriment and if your love should feel satisfaction take care to nurture your conversation. I'll add what I can today to finish this poem I hope with a resounding flourish The Guru's charismatic presence encapsulates our global essence The symbol of multicultural pride and multilingualism by it's side More and more people I want to describe But maybe others can suss out this tribe I leave it to everyone else today before it's finished without much delay. Violetta:it's quite cathartic to distill thoughts collected by idosyncratic, reflective, humorous souls....Sylvia: I'm only one me inside this community Of course we're all truly connected, so let's finish the poem we've selected Andre: "I'm only one me" said the head - and drowned it was in gushing storms of silence‎" Irma:I'm only one me" No body I'd rather be But I learn and learn And try to be the better personSylvia: Nice to see you Andre Klein adding your words ever so fine Now we have your thoughts in our poem They'll stay in GEF wherever you roam Irma you are truly blessed Putting wisdom to the test opening up our linear brains so that we can explore the lateral terrains Speaking of brains and coining phrases we all know one which just amazes 'conversational sawdust' is Andre's invention That's just something I had to mention Irma: Sylvia, you're one of a kind That everyone would like to find I love your talent and praises And may you get God blessesAicha: I'm only one me A girl roaming as a noisy bee this is what my friend used to see; But I do truly sometimes agree that I possess a brain like the sea full of dreams and goals much more than the branches of the tree. Thus all that strong ambition inside my me will form the shape of how I will be lightens my path to touch the stars of the sky teaches me how I dare to defy and never ever retains the good work try with a ridiculous sort of cry. no one is like me I'm only one me. Sylvia:This poem is so good I don't know what to say I'll have to read it slowly throughout the day some words I love, ideas too, brain, sea, branches,paths so new these dreams are like a cosmic truth There's only one you in you. Aicha:In fact I should thank you for this brilliant and flourishing view your perspicuous touch on the GEF inspires me to never be that deaf, sharing and sending words from Algeria always to my sweet friend Sylvia so thanks for the maximum impact that influences me to act.jeffrey:I'm only one me Showing true colors, so shall I be No wearing a mask or painted face Here I am the Amazing Grace I'm only one me Nothing to hide for you to see The meaning of life I've been searching for For a better tomorrow, knocking on Heaven's door I'm only one me Average Night Owl, not a Busy Bee This poetry thread is a FUNtastic sight It gives me strength, it gives me lightSylvia:It seems to me that you are many yous just like your rainbow brain of different hues Amazing grace how sweet the sound lucky us to have you coming roundJeffrey: I woke up to the sound of falling rain A memory of you came crushing to my brain If you ever need me, I'll be right there Just to show you all how much I care It is now or never Who will live forever? The love we cherish the life we share Beyond imagination nothing comparesSylvia:I've heard of people having crushes but never crushing into people's brains but sometimes when destiny brushes we have to jump right on that train more, more coining phrases, crushing skulls and sawdust mazes, nerding caves as Paivi says merging minds, it surely pays Forever is the endless ocean merging minds with much commotion life it comes in many shapes and forms like when from cocoons butterflies are bornJeffrey: I am not gonna spend my life being a living dead Overheated and smoky, this weary head Give a slamming bam give slamming wham Bang...Bang...Bang, and I don't give a damn Make room, make a space A new comer, a warm embrace One thing I wanna say, really We are all a big happy FamilySylvia:I thought you liked being heated and smoky with crashing, crushing knowledge in your mental sanctuary learning is passion still in fashion just dip your head in the sea forget the whammy, bammy bee slow down, stand tall who wrote that poem on the wall? Pietro:"We are all here as visitor, Sometimes even as counsellor, Transient our thoughts, our being, What is left of us we'll be seeing. At life's end we'll knock at the door, A door ... to where ... who can say for sure, It's too late now to mature. Insight, did you ever exist, Why didn't you insist, Thoughts keep crowding my head, One thing for sure, we must move ahead, No stopping, no resting .... our goal? What else, but our immortal soul! Don't be discouraged, Even if we are only average, Our love, our care will show us the way, So that a genius could be in us someday! · · ·

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