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GEDU 6170-04-B

Finn & Frone, Academic Performance and Cheating

What is the central reference this text is treating?"The purpose of this study was to develop and test a set of interactive hypotheses to explain the condition under which academic performance is related to cheating among adolescent students" (116)

What are the results of this study?There was an inverse relationship between school performance and cheating. Low school identification increased the chances of cheating. High academic self-efficacy reduced the liklehood of cheating.

What is the research method used?The researchers used an anonymous questionaire that was divided into four parts;cheating, academic performance, academic self-efficacy and school identification.Results were then compared to other cohort samples, large scale databases, census data, population surveys and longitudinal studies. They used multiple regression as a statistical tool.

What are the central concepts/theories/framework?The social learning theory and the social control theory were the central theories used throughout this study.( 116-117)

Helpful research? Important outcomes for practice?We know there is a connection between school identification and cheating .


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