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Geckos are carnivores they eat meat from other animals and they eat insects,worms,hunt birds,and eat other species of reptiles, and moss.

Geckos are well known to have an amazing ability to walk up vertical surfaces. There feet are covered in tiny hairs that stick to surfaces like sucker pads. This adaption means the gecko is very agile. There predators are spiders, snakes, and birds.

Gecko's are located near the equator and in the Southern hemisphere, and in South America , Africa, Asia,and Australia. They settle in rocky deserts, rainforests, sandy areas ,grasslands, and urban areas. There gestation period varies from 2 weeks to 2 months depends on the type of gecko. There average litter size is 2-3 babies.

Africa is an amazing continent. It is now home to more than a billion people. It has jungles and deserts and even a glacier. It covers all four hemispheres. It is a place of superlatives.


The Geckos are considered threatened with extinction due to habitat loss and pollution given off by people. There lifestyle is solitary.

The common name for a gecko is gecko. The scientific name for the gecko is Gekkonidae. The size of the Gecko is 0.1 cm. -40 cm. Its weight it is 18g. The colors on a gecko are tan,black,brown,white,green, blue, orange, and yellow. There lifespan is 2 to 9 years.



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