GCU113- PART 3

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GCU113- PART 3

Geography Standards Continued

Example: This map shows the counties that line the US-Mexico borderlands. These settlements have a large mixed population with many immigrants. Mexico-US border counties. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2014, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexico–United_States_border#mediaviewer/File:Mexico-US_border_counties.png

Example: This picture shows the US-Mexican interdependence because it is showing the different places in Mexico where the US has motor vehical production facilities. ERIEP | Number 3 | The challenges facing the European automotive industry . (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2014, from http://revel.unice.fr/eriep/?id=3369

National Geography Standard: 11

Example: This shows the US-Mexico border fence that is influencing the division and control of Earth's surface. What would it take to secure the U.S.-Mexico border? (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2014, from http://theweek.com/article/index/241400/what-would-it-take-to-secure-the-us-mexico-border

Example: This is a picture of all the trash left behind by people crossing the border. Arizona Border Trash. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2014, from https://www.azbordertrash.gov/

Example: This is a picture of a monsoon forming over the US-Mexico border. These storms can have high winds and create flash floods. Tj's Garden. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2014, from http://tjsgarden.com/tag/monsoon-starts-at-mexico-border/

National Geography Standard:12


National Geography Standard: 13

National Geography Standard:14

National Geography Standard: 15



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