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This article was shocking to me. I know that it must be difficult to live so close to the fence that separates the U.S. and Mexico, but my heart goes out to the Mexicans. I am so grateful for the roof that is over my head and the food that is in my pantry and it makes me incredibly sad that people risk their life to cross the border to get to the U.S. in hopes to better their life.http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/texas-americans-live-wrong-side-border-fence-christmas-183312787.html

This gold pit is an example of how humans use natural resources of the natural environment.

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One of Mexicos biggest economic boost is the selling of perscription drugs.

Standard 5: The U.S. Mexico border is considered a formal region. A formal region is defined as a region that is a designated area on the map that has an official boundaries set; such as countries cities states and counties. Most of these formal regional areas are characterized by relative uniformity, like people sharing a particular language

Standard 6:My cultural background is that I am from Arizona and I am an American!

Right near the border the population density is lower. The population density increases the further away you go from the border bewteen the border between the United states and Mexico

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Culture is very important in the borderland area. Religion is a big part of this area.

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One border cities, San Luis AZ, is an example of a city that was established as a port to Mexico.

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There is a huge importance of cooperation between the U.S. and mexico when it comes to water resources. Water is a necessity for everyone, and working together will get more done rather than working against or separate from one another.

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At point A it has been modified by putting up a huge fence to establish a border and to keep foreigners out. Point B is the freeway, in order to put this freeway in th geography because natural ground had to be torn up. And finally point C, the cars are modifying by creating polution in the air.

In this map, it shows that there is grater poverty along the border between the United States and Mexico.

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The affects that the physical systems has with the human systems largely deals with haboobs, monsoons,extreme heat, and drought.

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it showed different path ways to take during this expansion. One of the benefits to taking the more southern route is that it is closer to the Mexico. Having this close proximity opens up a whole new option for trading with a new place. This would be beneficial because the northern region might have more things or good to trade that the southern region of Arizona did not have.

In the Roosevelt school district,Sunland is an elementary school that is surrounded by a park and has a near by police station.


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