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GCU Glogster Project Michelle Rohde

The 18 National Geography Standards

Standard 1

Maps ' other geographic representations.This is a map of the United States and Mexico borderlands.

Standard 2

Standard 3

Mental Maps. I made this map with major landmarks in mind. I used city names to get me close to the border. I kept in mind four city names; Phoenix, Casa Grande, Tucson and Nogales. I then remembered two street names to get me into mexico at the Nogalas port of entry. I remembered that I would need to go south on Grand Ave. Once I get to Nogales I walked across the bridge into Mexico. When I walked into Mexico I remembered the street named Ave. Lopez. Once I see this street name then I know I am in the correct area.

Analyzing Spatial Organizations. INTERPRET SPATIAL (GEOGRAPHIC) PATTERNS YOU SEE IN A MAP OF THE U.S. MEXICO BORDERLANDS http://www.mauricesherif.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Border-Death-Map.jpgDistribution of deaths along the Arizona/Mexico Border:

Standard 4

PHYSICAL AND HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS OF A REGION (THE U.S. - MEXICO BORDERLANDS)This photo displays the physical and cultural characteristics of the people from El Paso, Texas and the borderland. http://brownpride.com/murals/murals.asp?a=chamizal/indexhttp://brownpride.com/murals/murals.asp?a=chamizal/index

Standard 5

Regional Geography. The southwest area along the border is a Formal region. It is one that shares a common human peoperty, culture, climate, landform, and physical property.

Standard 6

How culture and experience influence peoples perveption of places and regions. El Paso, Texas was always a great place for my family and I. We are a mix of cultures and are embraced on the southwest borderland. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/30/travel/35-hours-in-el-paso-tex.html?-r=0

Standard 7

Physical processes that shape our earth. This is an oblique aerial photo view of Sedona. A cliff face and slickrock are labeled.

Standard 8

Characters and distributions of Earth's Eco System. It is very evident that our earths eco system showing signs of depletion.

Standard 9

Human population on earth's surface. The geographic patters I see in this population map shows the variety of races in all areas of Arizona.

Standard 10

Culture: Characteristics, distribution and complexity of earth's cultural mosaics.This is a photo of the Ysleta Mission in El Paso, Texas.This is very symbolic to the Catholic religion in the borderland.

Standard 11

Standard 12

Patterns ' Networks of Economic Interdependence on Earth's Suraface. This map shows the point of enterance into Mexico from El Paso, Texas. Thousands of people use these daily.

Processes, patters, and functions of human settlement. El Paso was originally know as El Paso Del Norte. It was a city that created passeage to the north.

How the forces of cooperation ' conflict among people influence the division and control of eath's surface. Many businesses and organizations depend on international trade to survive. Resources are often pooled from both side of the border to make this happen.

Standard 13

Standard 14

Standard 15

How physical systems affect human systems. Here is a photo of how a natural system affects the city of Phoenix, AZ.http://www.infobarrel.com/Media/Haboob_in_Arizona

How human actions modify the physical environment. This snapshot shows how much human development we have seen in Chandler, Arizona.

Resource Geography: Changes that occur in the meaning use, distribution and importance of resourceshttp://www.searchanddiscovery.com/documents/2004/limerock/images/11.htm

Standard 17

How to apply geography to interpret the past. This map shows settlement and movement in the old shouthwest. http://www/1857ironcountymilitia.com/index.php?title=Prime-T.-Coleman

Standard 18

Standard 16

Apply Geography to Interpret the present and plan for the future. This is a aerial photo of Madison Camelview Elementary School.



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