Gazette October

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Gazette October

Grubbs Gazette

By Melani D.FallBreezy, ComfortingBlowing, Falling, ChangingLeaves, Candy, Pumpkins, WindCalming, Swaying, WhisperingPeaceful, WindyAutumn

Grubbs Gazette!Remember:I am avaliable by: 1.Phone: 407-563-36162.IM: Meebo on our 3.Announcement PageE-Mail

My Schedule:Oct 5 &6: In OfficeOct 7-10:Quantun Learning Conference. I will be grading daily and returning calls after 5pm....leave me messages and I will return your calls!

Awesome Students who worked the week of 9/25 - 10/1Agnes Dakota, David, John L.Bethany, Constance Alexa Dallas Dakota B Nicolas R Anthony V Nicole J Nazya Courtney Owen Kathryn Cody S Elizabeth M Jonathan F Brent Ariel Garrett Pieter Nicholas Travis Thomas B Andrew D Mary Q Mary D Nathaniel M Amanda B Michelle F Samuel H Nathanial L Amber S Megan L Wilton C Brittany B Lesley B Ryan L Ayoub Vanessa Jonathan J Kareem CAilin Destiny Y TAyler S Melani Matthew C Nicole M Mekalle Jennifer L Jennifer R Chance B Jaren B Isahiah Sarah S Shenique


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