Gazelles and African Savanna Ecosystem

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Gazelles and African Savanna Ecosystem

gazelles characteristicsGazelles have long legs used for running and they have black markings under their eyes to keep the sun out.They also have horns somewhat like spirals.Gazelles can locate sound by moving their ears around.That way they can hear nearby sounds and be on alert.

ExtinctionGazelles are becoming extinct because farmers are taking their land by building plantations. people have been trying to save them they have been taking them captive and putting them in special places for protection from predators and people.

HabitatGazelles come from the southern part of africa.There at home they can find lots of grasses. In the area there are alot of watering holes for them to drink water from. They walk in herds to find food this is why they are called browsers.There is alot of open area for them to sleep. They sleep in large herds to protect eachother from predators.

Predatorsgazelles have predators too. Alligators are predators to the gazelle. They bite the gazelle on the leg and try to drown them.Cheetahs can catch the gazelle easily most of the time by chasing them until they catch them .Wild dogs hide in tall grasses and wait to pounce on the gazelle.Gazelles put up with their predators by sticking their horns into the predator and pushing them to the ground. This injures the predator and makes them run away.

Here is where the African Savanna is.

Gazelles foodGazelles are herbivores which means they eat plants. In this case the gazelle eats leaves from grubs and they eat grass in the areas. their teeth are flat because they chew grass all day, Which wears down the teeth. Gazelles are browsers so they look for food with other herbivores.

Gazelles African Savanna ecosystem

here is an example of a gazelle protecting it's young.

the gazelles food web


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