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Five interesting facts:The Gazelle is a Spiritual Animal.------------------------Size relative to a 6ft (2m) man is the height of the shoulder of the man.-----------------------The Thomson's Gazelle can reach a speed of 40 miles an hour.----------------------Thomson's Gazelles use a bounding leap called stotting or pronking to avoid predators.--------------------The Dama Gazelle is the largest in the species weighing 190lbs, standing about 42" at the shoulder.

Where they're found:The Gazelle can be found in Egypt, Africa, and in Asia.

Lifecycle Facts: Baby Gazelles are called fawns or calves. Their average life span in the wild is 10 to 12 years. A male fawn stays with its family until a year old. A female fawn can stay with its family all its life.

Our Gazelle:Geb

What they look like:They have spiral horns.They also have big ears.They have brown fur, white fur on the belly, with a darker brown stripe on its sides.They have a short dark brown tail.

What they eat:They eat herbs, foliage from shrubs, short grasses and shoots.

A fawn with its mother Gazelle laying on the grass.


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