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gay marriage glog

Those who oppose same-sex marriage say that it is against the main religions in the United States and also find it to be a threat to the dynamic of family life.

Those who support same sex arrage argue that church should not interfere with state, and that homosexuality does no pose a threat to family dynamic, seeing as the dynamic is unique to every individual. They alsoargue that the ability to procreate should not hinder a marriage's legality, and that marriage is a right of US citizens.


I believe that same sex couples should be allowed to marry in the United States. Church is not supposed to interfere with state, therefore it simply does not make sense to use religion as a valid argument in this case. Not every heterosexual couple is able to procreate, yet, they can legally marry. So procreation is not a valid argument either. To sum it up, the United States is a country founded on equality, and therefore equality should be practiced in every situation. Gay people are just as human as straight people. Every human has the right to love. Every human should have the right to be married.


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