GAVS US history 13 colonies

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GAVS US history 13 colonies

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In 1607 the city of Jameston, Virginia was settled and founded by England. Ironically the English were not the first people to arrive but they were the first to settle because it was intended to bring great wealth for the people investing in London and "recreating English society in North America". Jamestown, Virginia is around 30 miles up the James River from the Atlantic Coast. The Indians did not believe this area was very habitable but the English men believed it did just fine. It helped the economis develop because it was the only site located along the York and James rivers. They would not hunt or fish but they would set sail and come back with loads and loads of corn. Jamestown was a royal government and colony.

Powhatan- Pamunkey Indian cheif and father of Pocahontas. Leader of confederation of Chesapeake tribes.John Smith-English soldier. Was added to colony's governing council.John Rolfe- First to introduce tobacco to virginia. His marriage with Pocahontas helped create peace between Algonquians and the English.William Berkeley- Governor of Virginia. Imposed limits on tobacco production and paying bounties for industries and crops. He suppressed Indian uprisings.Nathaniel Bacon-Led rebellion against Berkeley. Wanted to raise a militia to pacify indians.

Important People

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May 23rd, 1609-Sir Thomas Gates was named Governor of the Jamestown colony.1612- John Rolfe starts his experiments with Tobacco.August 29th 1619-How of Burgess; George Yeardly created 22 delegates to represent each of the towns.May 1624-Virginia becomes britains first royal colony in America.July 10th 1652-Anglo-Dutch War; England declares war on Netherlands.1672-Virgnias population grew to 48,000 free whitess, 2000 African slaves and 6000 servants.

Major Events

Viginia had an Anglican religion and their geography had rich soil and many coasts. Virginia used many natural resources and raw material for trading. Their biggest item was Tobacco but also traded rice,fur,vegetables,clay, cotton and indigo.

People would love to visit this colony because of the abundant resources we can trade and produce. Virginia has rice, indigo, tobacco, cotton,brick, fur, vegetables and many more. You also saw occaisonal diversity between the Indians and the English which was always great. We have rich soil and are located around many coasts, whats not to love!



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