Gatsby - James Gatz

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Gatsby - James Gatz

I was born into a family of poor farmers in North Dakota, but I resented poverty. I was destined to make a name for myself. I invented a new name, "Jay Gatsby", and left college in Minnesota to take a five-year voyage with a cooper tycoon and his yacht. When he died, I was cheated out of my $25,000 inheritance.

James Gatz

Ever since, I have devoted myself to wealth. My business is pharmaceuticals, but I run some very lucrative operations on the side with a good friend: Meyer Wolfsheim. After many years I found myself in a league with new millionaires and old money families. I bought an estate across the bay from Daisy’s Long Island home so I could be close to her.

At 27, I met a girl while training for infantry in the world war. However, I was taken to Europe before we could develop further. I became a major of the heavy machine gun unit, and my only happiness was provided when her letters arrived. Eventually, during my brief time at Oxford, I received a letter relaying Daisy’s desire to marry a wealthier man.

Now I throw lavish parties that are attended by many people that I hardly even know. I do all this just so that one day, Daisy might stumble into my humble castle, and what we had in the past might reinvent itself.


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