Gathering and Organising Data

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Gathering and Organising Data

Go to this Website and complete the Interpreting Data Games

How Many People Like Data

Over the next two lessons we are going to be collecting and organsing some data. We will then be displaying the data we collected into tally charts, bar graphs and picture graphs to show our results.

Gathering and Organising Data

Activity1: Click on the picture that looks like a tally chart and go into the link. Learn about tally charts and complete questions 1 & 2Activity 2: Click on the picture that looks like a bar graph and go into the link. Learn about bar graphs and complete questions 1 & 2.Activity 3: Click on the picture that looks like a picture graph and go into the link. Learn about picture graphs and complete questions 1 & 2.Extension (only if there is time). Complete questions 3, 4 and 5.

What are tally charts, bar graphs and picture graphs?

For early finishers Design your own question to collect data for. Collect your data and design either a tally chart, coloum graph or picture graph.

Activity!Using the smarties given to you, empty them out and collect the data. Which colour is most popular in the box?1. Count the smarties according to their colours and record results on the tally chart that the teacher will give to you. 2. Make a picture graph in your exercise books using the information from your tally charts to help (note: make sure you use the same colour pencil to represent the smartie colours). 3. Create a bar graph using the previous information. Extension. Create your own tally. Go around the class and ask your classmates which colour smartie they would prefer to eat. Eat your smarties once your ork has been checked!!!

As a class think about the different things we can collect data for? List 5 you can think of.

Activity!What makes a good question to colect data?1. Think about a question you would like to collect data for. Your question could be: whats Year 2's favourite pet? Write your question down and show the teacher.2. Collect your data for your question using a tally chart (Ask the teacher for the tally chart). 3. Ask the teacher for either a bar graph or picture graph sheet to record your data onto.Extention. Create a question that is based on the school an example might be; what colour might you prefer our school fence to be and list colours such as blue, green, purple, red. Collect the data from one class per year group. Record your data and present it to the class. What was the favourite colour?

Watch this youtube clip on collecting data.Look at how they collect their data.How do they record it?


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