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A Wiki What??- There is a huge amount of free technology available to educators who want to bring 21st century tools into their classrooms. - Our students are using web-based technology outside of school, and it can keep our daily classroom routines fresh and relevant.-What are Web 2.0 tools? While the original internet was focused around the passive viewing of information, Web 2.0 applications allow greater interactivity and collaboration. Think: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, and Wikispaces. -What's a wiki? This type of website allows for collaboration between many authors, i.e. students in a classroom. Students and teachers in a class can upload files, embed multimedia presentations, and post images on a class wiki. You can control the privacy settings to allow the content to only be visible to members of your class. K-12 teachers can create wikis for free on sites like Wikispaces. You could even embed glogs like this!- Browse through the classroom technology links on this glog. Joann highlighted these resources on the Gateway to 21st Century Skills site this week. Find a new type of technology that you might be able to use in class, and think about how you will implement it this week, this month, or even this year. - Post your technology goal on our facebook fan page! We want to see what teachers are doing with all of this technology.~ Peggy's Corner 2/19/2010~

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Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0: Cool Tools for SchoolsThis ever-growing list offers educational Web 2.0 tools to help teachers at all grade levels locate resources and ideas for the classroom. Web 2.0 tools are listed under various categories, such as organizing tools, mapping tools, research tools, audio applications, and much more. What I like about this particular wiki is that many of the tools have tutorials or examples on how the resources work, as well as brief comments about the sites themselves. You can scan through the categories, and immediately target those apps that are appropriate for your needs. This wiki is the brainchild of Lenva Shearing, who is Deputy Principal at Bucklands Beach Intermediate School, a middle school in Auckland, New Zealand.

WSD’s eToolBox: Choosing the Right ToolsNeed to punch up a presentation or introduce wikis to your classroom? This handy virtual toolkit allows teachers to consult a chart to help determine which types of tech tools or resources they can use for lessons and projects. The eToolBox presents a list of available applications and/or sites with links to those tools, plus a lot more. One of the things that I like about this site is that it’s one-stop shopping for great ideas for integrating technology into the classroom. It’s like a Swiss Army knife of technology tools right at your fingertips. eToolBox is a great example of teachers tapping into the power of wikis and similar media to promote and share creative technology ideas in the classroom. eToolBox is a project of the Wissahickon School District in suburban Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, located about 22 miles north of Philadelphia.

A-Z Internet Resources for EducationA-Z Internet Resources for Education rounds out my trio of educational tech tools picks this week because of its currency and scope. The site is continually updated, and founder Jose Picardo announces updates via his Twitter page. Picardo is the Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Nottingham High School in the UK, where he teaches Spanish and German, and he’s obviously passionate about using technology creatively in schools. The resources on the list are mostly free, with brief descriptions provided. There are well over 100 resources listed as of this writing, with plenty of tools to choose from for effectively using technology with your students.

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