[2014] Giulieta Malancea: Gateshead Milennium Bridge

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[2014] Giulieta Malancea: Gateshead Milennium Bridge

The bridge was starting to be built in 1998 and was lifted into place on November 20, 2000. However the bridge opened opened on September 17, 2001 and was designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects and Gifford.

The Gateshead Milennium Bridge is located in Gateshead Newcastle Englad in the United Kingdom. It connects the Gateshead's Quays arts quarter ( in the south) to the Quayside of Newcastle ( in the north bank). The bridge crosses over River Tyne.

Queen Elizabel III was the leader then and was dedicated to her. The Northumbrian Water University Boat Race and the Cutty Sark tall Ships' Race took place at the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. The Bridge is also called the "winking eye" beacuse of the way it opens. It looks like its winking when it lets boats through. The bridge also cleans up its own litter. Anything that is dropped on the deck automatically rolls into special traps at each of the bridgeeach time it opens.

Gateshead Milennium Bridge

The Gateshead Milennium Bridge is an arch bridge with a hieght of 50 meters and a length of 126 meters.

The bridge has two big curves and was built with enough steel to build 16 chieftrain tanks. It was aslo built with concrete. The bridge has cables attaching the curves together. One of the challengs were that they didn't have enough money to make the bridge so they did some fun raising and used some of the Town's money. Also, nothing was suppsoe to be built on Gateshead quayside but they talked it out.

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