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Snail is a common name for almost all members of the molluscan class that have coiled shells in the adult stage. When the word is used in a general sense, it includes sea snails, land snails and freshwater snails. Otherwise snail like creatures that don't have a shell or have only a really small one are called slugs.One species of land snail, the Giant African Snail, can grow to be 15 inches and weigh 2 pounds. The largest living species of sea snail is Syrinx aruanus which has a shell that can measure up to 35 inches in length, and the whole animal with the shell can weigh up to 40 pounds.Snails can be found in a very wide range of environments including ditches, deserts, and the depths of the sea. Although many people are familiar with water snails, land snails are in the minority. Marine snails have the majority of snail species, and have much greater diversity. Numerous kinds of snail can also be found in fresh waters. Many snails are herbivores, though a few land species and many marine species are omnivores or predatory carnivores.


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