[2014] Allison Bakker: Gas Masks

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Social Studies
World War I

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[2014] Allison Bakker: Gas Masks

Gas Masks

Every living creature was vulnerable to the poisonous gas, including donkeys used in the war.

During WWI, gas masks were used to protect soldiers from breathing harmful gasses into their lungs.

Horses, humans, and dogs all had to wear gas masks. They were secured tightly over the face and air could only enter through filter pads that filtered the air.

The first people to wear gas masks were miners (shown above) and fire fighters (shown below). They were exposed to dangerous conditions that, when at their worst, could kill them.

The first gas masks were just ragged cloths and surgeon masks soaked in other peoples' urine that protected the nasal passages and the mouth from the harmful gasses.

Anselme Payen first developed the gas mask in 1822. He used animal charcoal to remove large molecular impurities. Garrett Agustus Morgan developed the modern gas mask in 1912. Morgan's device included an air-tight hood that made it so NO air could intrude and harm the wearer.


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