Gary Paulsen 1st Period

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Gary Paulsen 1st Period

Gary Paulsen

.That he is a hunter and he likes to sail the lake but he said on one day he was homeless so that made him write more. He born in twin forks it is the small town.He was born may 17, 1993 (age 76 years). He went in war 1991. his date of birth was 1939-05-17.he lives in minneapolis,minnesota.

Why/how he become a writerGary paulsen never knew that he was going to be writer he didn't want or knew he was a good writer but now he is one of my fav writers of all time and he goes to schools and talks to kids and he has inspired me

Award,and Parenting Best book of the year citation,all 1990, all for the winter Room; Parents choice Award, 1991; booklist editor’s choice citation society of Midland Authors book award, and spur award from Western writers of America, all 1991; all for woodsong; spur award,1993, for the Haymeadow; booklist books for youth top list citation 1993, for harris and me.

He writes about a boy named brian robeson in 4 books and those 4 books name.hatchet,the river,brian's winter and Brian's return.and he as more books he has written and there are.father water,mother woods,essays on fishing and hunting in the north woods which tells about his childhood.he has lots of books he has written and peaple mail him about his books. that's all the books he writes well not all of it.

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