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Gary D. Schmidt

Gary D. Schmidt(Autobiography)Author of Okay for Now

TimelineGary D. Schmidt was born in Hicksville, NY, in 1957.His first book, The Sin Eater, was published in 1996.His book Okay for Now was published on April 5, 2011.He now lives in a 150 year old farm in Alto, Michigan, where he splits wood, plants gardens, writes, and feeds the wild cats that drop by.

Important EventHe won the Newbery Honor and the Printz Honor in 2005, and another Newbery Honor in 2008.

InterestingsFactsHe is a professor of English at the Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan.

First book



Quote by the Author"When you find something thats whole, you do what you can to keep it that way."

Quote About Writing in Genral"Books can ignite fires in your mind, because they carry ideas for kindling, and art for matches."

Calvin College


Printz Honor


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