Garrett Morgan's Gas Mask

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Garrett Morgan's Gas Mask

Garrett Augustus Morgan Sr.

Gas Mask

On July 15th, 1916 Garrett Morgan had used his invention, the gas mask, to save 32 men that had been trapped in a 250 foot tunnel explosion under Lake Erie. A few days after, Garrett's company had gotten many requests from fire departments wishing to buy his widely-known gas mask.

In 1912, Garret had filed for a patent for the gas mask. Then in 1914, he had founded a company called National Safty Device Company so he could sell his invention. Having this company, he was then able to sell his invention all over the country.

In World War 1, the US Army had used the gas mask and refined it. The refined mask was also patented and awarded a gold medal by the International Association of Firechiefs two years after.

Morgan's invention of the safety hood was featured on the television show "Inventions that Shook the World" and "Mysteries at the Museum"

Morgan had made the Gas Mask because when he grew up he would watch firefighters struggle to withstand the smoke that would arise in the bulidings on fire. Morgan created his invention mostly for firemen but not knowing his invention would later be used in many helpfulways such as in wars and would still be used to this very day.

Garrett Morgan and Gas Mask

World War1: Solider and Horse wearing Gas Masks

Garrett Morgan with a blueprint of his invention

Above: Diagram of Garett's Gas MaskRight: Garrett Augustus Morgan

Top Left: Garrett trying on the Gas MaskTop Right: Modern Day Gas Mask

Newspaper of when Garrett saves trapped men in tunnel

Left: Design for Morgan's invention

Above and Below: Soliders in World war 1 with Gas Masks

Fire Fighters with Gas Mask on

The Gas Mask was also called the Saftey Hood and Breathing Device.


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