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Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan was a skilled entrepenuer and inventor. He had an innate mechanical mind and was able to solve many problems even though he was only truly educated to the 6th grade level. Garrett's mother was of Indian and African decent and his father was a former freed slave. His mixed race played a part in business later on. One of his inventions was the traffic signal, which continues to help the world today.

Garrett Morgan

The Traffic SignalGarrett Morgan designed the first patented traffic signal after he witnessed an accident on a roadway between a car and a horse drawn cart. It made him realize that something was needed to keep cars, carraiges,and people from colliding. With this, he invented the traffic signal to help save morelives. It was designed to stand on a street corner and notify vehicles and pedestrians when to go, and not to go. It had a T shaped pole with three signs(one or more which popped out at a time). With manuallymoved arms, the signsshowed stop, go, and caution.Morgan's invention became so popular that it began to spread all over the world. Hispatent was later sold to genaral electric for 40,000dollars. Garrett Morgan's traffic signal was used until the three lighter was developed.

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In the next generation, the signal for when to stop and go will be electonically said to you from a voice inside your car.


1877-1963 (86 years old)


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