Garrett A. Morgan

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Garrett A. Morgan

Garrett A. Morgan was an inventor and a businessman. He was born in Paris, Kentucky on March 4, 1877. When he was a child he usually went to school or worked on his family farm. While he was a teenager he moved from Kentucky to Cinncinatti, Ohio for a better opportunity. In Cinncinatti he hired a tutor and studied English grammer. In 1907, Garret A. Morgan opened up his own sewing equipment and repair shop in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1920, he went into the newspaper business. Later he became a respected businessman and was able to buy a house and an automobile. He was the first African American in Cleveland to own an automobile.


March 4, 1877- Date of Birth1915- When the Gas Mask was first usedJuly 25, 1916- Gas Mask was inventedJuly 27, 1963-Date of Death

Garrett A. Morgan didn't only invent the gas mask. He also invented the traffic signal and a hair straightening chemical. Fifty feet below Lake Erie, he saved himself and three others by invneting the gas mask. Garrett A. Morgon was also the first African American to own an automobile in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lasting Impact

If he didn't invent the gas mask people would be dieing of breathing in dangerous chemicals. If he didn't invent the traffic signal people would be driving on unsafe roads.


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Gas Mask

Garrett A. Morgan invented the gas mask to prevent from inhaling dangerous chemicals. He invented it when him and three other men got stuck in a tunnel under Lake Erie. Gas masks are now made more comfortable and better fit.

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Garrett A. Morgan

Gas Mask Before and After


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