Garret Augustus Morgan

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Inventors and Inventions

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Garret Augustus Morgan

Garrett Morgan began his life as a son of former slaves in Paris, Kentucky 1877.He left Paris and moved to Ohio in search of opportunity. Garret continued school in Ohio until 1895 where he moved to Cleveland, Ohio.In 1907 he opened a sewing shop. He later in 1909 expanded his shop and now had 32 workers.In 1920 he moved on to the newspaper business and got his own newspaper called The Clevland Call.In 1916 he invented the gask mask. In 1923 the patent was granted for the traffic signal after witnessing a crash between a car and a horse drawn carrige. In 1963 Morgan died of old age in Clevland, Ohio.


1877 - Born.1895 - Moved to Clevland, Ohio.1916 - Made gas mask.1923 - Made traffic signal.1963 - Died at 86.

Made a very good line of skin and hair products.Created the gas mask to protect from gas in 1916 after having most of is workers trapped after an explosion.Created the traffic signal to prevent less accidents after witnessing one.

Lasting Impact

Without Morgan our streets will be filled with chaos.


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Garrett Morgan




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