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Social Studies

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Surf and swim wavepool- it is a inside waterpark that has several pools and slides. there is eough to do for the whole family. Haunted houses- thee are a lot of haunted houses for the whole year specially during halloween. Brew ha ha- it is a coffee, beer and comedy all wrapped into one. you can enjoy a drink while having a laugh.

2014 Jade Buddha for Universal Peace Tour To North Texas (Garland, TX)

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In 1887 was created by Congressman Joseph Abbott. Joseph Abbott created Garland because Duck Creek was a station on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad, and Embree was a station on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. They had fought over the post office for several years. So Abbott solved the problem by submitting a bill to Congress to move the post office to a place between the two towns; the new site was called Garland. and that is how garland what created. By 1890 Garland had a population of 478, four churches, three gristmills, three steam cotton gins, a roller flour mill, and several hotels, in addition to other businesses. During the 1880s the town received gas lighting, and in 1888 a new high school, called Garland College, was built.The first mayor was M. Davis Williams. by 1914 the community had two banks, three cotton gins, telephone and telegraph connections, three restaurants, an undertaker, and many stores, including those selling jewelry, drugs, and harness. from here Garland kept growing each year.

Landmark Museum- a museum that has art facts of early times. This museum includes old newspaper, farm implements, quilts, railcars and displays on the museum grounds. Patty Granville Arts center-It has two theaters, there is a ball room for dancing and a meeting room. You can fit more than 700 people in the hall/room. Garland Opry- is one of the longest running opry in Texas. They have live country and gospel music performances. They also award prizes and scholarship funds to contest winners.

Pho Dac Biet- is a soup with a rich broth. Hu Tieu My Tho-Hu Tieu is a Vietnamese noodle soup which uses pork broth/base. Vietnamese Banh Mi with Chinese BBQ Pork-sandwhich with veggies and pork.


Garland, Tx


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population-234,566climate- on average 73 degrees, humid mostly local time- 1 hour behind


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