Gargoyles Visual Arts

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Gargoyles Visual Arts

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona Construction La Sagrada Familia was started in1883 and is still being built. The architect Antoni Gaudi died when the church wasn't even 25% finished.The completion date is predicted to be around 2026.

Gargoyles In Barcelona

The cathedral looks like it is weeping. The interiors are largely known for having huge staingalss windows and large columns. The whole cathedral is made of sandstone and carvings. The gragoyles are both modern and from the Gothic Era. There are many statues depicting Jesus, knights, women and men.

The inspiration for the cathedral was the life of Christ, his birth, his death and his resurrection. Gaudi made the church depict his life through statues and staingalss windows.

The Cathedral La Sagrada Familia is located in Barcelona Spain. The cathedral attracts many tourists every year and will be one of the biggest cathedrals in the world. It is affiliated as Roman Catholic.



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