Garett Butler---- Catapult

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Garett Butler---- Catapult

The Trebuchet is probably the oldest type of catapult. It was invented either by the Chinese or in the middle east. If you look at an Egyptian shadouf, it looks very much like a trebuchet, and it's easy to imagine that the trebuchet was inspired by the shadouf.A shadouf is just a long pole balanced in the middle, with a weight on one end and a rope attached to the other end with a bucket tied to it.It's easier to pull something down that to lift it up, so people use these shadoufs to lift water from irrigation trenches. (They pull the rope down, and the counterweight pulls the bucket full of water up.) If someone had slipped and let go of the rope, an empty bucket could be flung high and far by the counterweight.

Middle Age



The Romans took the ballista, used it, and then improved in in the Roman way to create the Scorpion, and then the Onager.

Trebuchets were used mainly as lobbing machines to spread fire and diseased corpses, as well as a lot of solid missiles, over the walls of castles to rain down on the inhabitants.

Larger catapults mounted on a single arm also hurled stones, pots of boiling oil, and incendiaries at a high trajectory.

In the 20th cent. catapults using hydraulic pressure were reintroduced to launch aircraft from warships.

The next oldest type of catapult is the Ballista. This machine was deliberately invented by the Greeks, around 800 BCE. Ballistae were even mounted on warships and used to hurl fire onto other ships.


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