Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Danielle PaquetteGardner's Multiple IntelligencesStrengths: Linguistic and InterpersonalWeaknesses: Bodily-Kinesthetic and Musical

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

In the classroom my strength in linguistics is going to help with students who need help with English and language skills. I will also be able to understand their moods and temperament due to my high level of interpersonal skill. I have a minor in psychology and it has helped me learn to read people. This will especially help me if I have a student who is struggling, but remains quiet. I will be able to pick up on the cues and what motivates them.

My biggest strength is in linguistics and that did not surprise me. I am a former journalism major and love English and reading. I have a great taste for all books, but love the works of Jane Austen, Kate Chopin, and Margaret Mitchell.

I was the former editor of my college paper and my second strength is interpersonal. I feel this helped me when interviewing people for the paper and for when it comes to reading the moods of people around me.

Press Play to hear my presentation!Berk, L. (2012). Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood. In Infants, Children, and Adolescents (7th ed., pp. 456-457). Pearson Education.


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