Gardner's eight frames of mind

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Gardner's eight frames of mind

By: Jacquie Burke

Not every child excels in all subject but according to Gardner when students are allowed to use their bodies, imaginations, anddifferent senses that every child will find something they are good at within that subject. Teachers and leaders must allow students to experince learning through their natural talent so we must allow them to investigate content in these ways.

Gardner considereed that there are many types of intelligences and upon desciribing them was able to point to occupations that use that specific intelligence. Recently, however, his 8 Frames of Mind (intelligences) has been extened to add a ninth.Gardner's argument was that each intelligence involved a "unique cognitive skill" showing itself in a unique way. Gardner considered this for all including those that are "gifted" and "idiots". Idiots in the view of Gardner were thoe with an intellectual disability but had a talent such as drawing, music, or numerical computation


Gardner's Eight Frames of Mind

Why ?

Verbal MathematicalSpatialBodily-KinestheticMusicalIntrapersonalInterpersonalNatualist**Existentialist**


Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perciece and express emotion accurately and adaptively. It is considered to be part of the understanding of oneself and of others therefore it is part of Gardner's Eight Frames of Mind.

As a teacher and leader in the school system this information is valuable to me. As a teacher I need to expore the types of intelligences that are present in my classroom. This will help me with grouping students for long projects so that they are sucessful. It will also help when I plan for short projects so that I can pair different types of students so that they can grow and see things in different perspecives. Understanding a student's level of emotional intellience will also help me to understand why they are reacting in a particular way and allow me to search for resources for them more efficiently. As a leader, I will be able to use what I have seen and done int ehclassroom with the teachers that I am leading to create collaborative non-dysfunctional teams.




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