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The story takes place in different places in the Europe. The most favorit places were in Ireland. That was place where Artemis Fowl lived. It also takes place in Asia, where the journey begins. The city was started in was Ho Chi Minh City.

In the beginning of the novel, Artemis is trying to find a way to make everything better for him and his mother since his father disappeared. His goal was to find gold in an underground city with fairies and trolls. When he find a fairiy, she tells everything about the secerts of their underground city when she gives Artemis the Book, which the book of the Gnoomish people. and their language. He then gives it back the Book and goes on journey to fing the gold. This brings us to the LEPrecons.

The LEPrecons are police but they are fairies. They are that investigate troll attacks and anything that goes wrong in the underground cities. One of the famous detectives is Holly Short, who is captured by Artemis and is being forced to help him find ransom gold in the underground city. She was going to regain her powers with a magical acorn but Artemis traps her and brings her to their house.

When the police heard that she is captured, her team goes into action. When things got worse for Artemis' mom, is that believes that Artemis' mom has memory loss. He must hurry and find the gold to help his mother with her sickness. When the police finds out where Holly is , they actually went for a trap set up by Artemis and the police recongized that voice but they taught it was Artemis Fowl, SR.

Artemis, Juliet, and Butler try to get information out of Holly Short. None of the torture worked on Holly. They tried hard and hard to get information. When the police need help, they turne to Mulch, a pickpocket. They believe

In the end, everything was okay for the fairy police. They bomb their home. Mulch knocks out Butler. They finally bombed but they survived it, but they lost their only chance to get gold. Artemis gets some of the gold but used all to help mothwe with her memory loss diseases.

The conflict of the novel, Artemis Fowl, is the bombing of Artemis' home. It was an amazing plan by LEPrecons. The plan was to rescue Holly from Artemis Fowl. That's the conflict of the story.

The theme of the noel are "Never giving up" just like the police. Also "Always keep trying even it gets hard" like Artemis. One more thing "Always believe in things you believe" like Artemis believe getting the gold from the fairies.

I loved this novel because it was amazing. It was the pect novel and I recommended to all of my friends. This novel is the best because t showed how something is impossibl is possibl. Even if youfailed at the end you will never give up. I really love this novel. My nfavorite prt of the novel when the police came to the rescue for Holl Short.

Swelting--adj. feeling uncomfortableTesty--adj impatient or irritableInformant--n. someone who gives info or gets infoPessimism--n. doctrine about evilOutlandish--n hiinterlandMalfunction--n. failure to work normallyApprehension--n. the taking of criminal; arrestFraudulent--adj. not honestMesmerized--v. hypnotizedDisoriented--v. confused somebody


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