Garden vs Organic

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Garden vs Organic

Garden vs. Organic

Garden Growing

•Provides a family with healthy fruits and vegetables all year long.



•Planning of seasonal fruits and vegetables is beneficial for the entire family.

•Growing fruits and vegetables organically without the use of pesticides offers more health benefits.

•Pesticides are used on commercially grown fruits and vegetables.

•There is a high cost associated with buying organic.

•Consuming dark, leafy greens offer nutrients that are only found in these power houses.

•The White House harvests fruits and vegetables from the garden for formal dinners.

•Fresh fruits and vegetables from a garden taste great!

On the average, twelve different pesticides are what an adult is exposed to when eating conventionally grown fruits and vegetables each day. With those statistics, creating a nutritional garden environment is an ideal way to clean, healthier eating. Backyard gardening offers more benefits than organic farming because of the growing techniques, cost associated with organic farming, and the nutrition value.

•Organic gardeing offers more nutrients that commercially grown.

Backyard gardening is more than a hobby; it is a healthy lifestyle choice. Once consumers realize the health benefits that are associated with harvesting fruits and vegetables in a garden, there should be no questions about whether to start a garden or not. Increasing consumer awareness about the health benefits associated with backyard gardening versus organic or conventional farming, will prove to be beneficial not only for the health issues but for environmental issues too.


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