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Garageband is free to use and contains a plethera of musical instruments such as but isn't limited to the piano, guitar, and drumset. This means garageband can help teachers save money and give students a wide variety of creative options. Students can make their own bakground music to couple with a story, song, or speech. If they don't want use the option of creating thier own music then they can use a song of their choosing.


Teachers use Garageband to:1) Promote Creativity2) Enhance Collaboration (Group Projects)3) Utilize Technology4) Help Learning

If students don't already know how to use Garageband, then you as the teacher can look up plenty of tutorials to show your classroom (Such as video #1). You as a teacher can also show them yourself after learning how to use the app. After you have shown your class how to use Garageband, you can show them what fun things can be done with Garage band (Just like video #2). After that the students can be given control to create!

Garageband is Easy to Use

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