Gar Gar Blinks

by zman17
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Gar Gar Blinks

Gar Gar Blinks is the fastest god out of all of the gods. He also can throw thunder balls at people.MythHe was in a race and someone pushed him and didn't know that he could throw thunder balls and tried to throw something and it was a thunder ball.Use texts and graphics from our galleries - you can change the color and font!

Gar Gar Blinks

Myth 2One day Gar Gar Blinks came across the Great Scorpion and fought it and won he was the greatest god ever in Greek mythology. He was the greatest god ever in Greek mythology because of his speed and ability to throw lightning balls that paralyzes people or gods.

The reason why I chose this Greek god was because he was fast and could shoot lightning balls at people.




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