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Gannett Company

Gannett Company Inc.

Company Worth:$8.1 Billion

Global or national? Global! Gannett deals with both the United States and United Kingdom. Also, their newspapers reach countries all across the world.

Interesting facts:1. Gannett is the largest newspaper group in terms of circulation in the United States.2. Gannett owns USA TODAY, which is available in 60 countries worldwide.3. 20.1 million households in the United States have access to the broadcasting networks owned by Gannett.4. USA TODAY has an average of 7 million readers daily.

Implications of media conglomeration:Since a large majority of newspapers all come from one company, the information covered is from only one perspective. The writers all represent Gannett and must follow company regulation in terms of what they can write. Influential media companies like Gannett have the power to reach a lot of people.

Officers: Bob Dickey (Chief Executive Officer)David Payne (Chief Product Officer)Maribel Wadsworth (Chief Strategy Officer)Alison Engel (Chief Financial Officer)Barbara Wall (Chief Legal Officer)John Zidich (President of Domestic Publishing)Jamshid Khazenie (Chief Technology Officer)Andy Yost (Chief Marketing Officer)Henry Faure Walker (Chief Executive Officer)David Harmon (Chief People Officer)Kevin Gentzel (Chief Revenue Officer)

Headquarters: Gannett headquarters are located in McLean, Virginia.

Public or Private: Public! Gannett trades on U.S. stock.Effect of being public: Being a public company allows for the public to invest in Gannett through stocks.

Promotions: Gannett promotes the importance of communities and a company that’s local as well as national. They promote driving action so that business is fun and engaging, and so that businesses can make meaningful change.

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Most profitable divisions:Gannett is known for their newspapers, specifically USA TODAY. The publications section of Gannett has gained approximately $768.2 million dollars and is their top way to gain money through advertising.

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