Gangs of New York

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Gangs of New York

Amsterdam Vallon is a young Irish Immigrant who has just been realesed from prison. He now returns to Five Points in order to seek revenge on the man that murdered his father, William Cutting. William is the leader of a Gang of racist men who call themselves the Natives. Amsterdam begins to get close to Cutting in order to assasinate him but ends up getting caught. In one final effort to defeat Cutting he rasies an "army" of immigrants in order to confront Cutting's gang. Before they begin their fight the U.S. army interrupts their fight in order to put down a riot occuring at the same time as the battle. In the confusion, Amsterdam manages to kill Cutting achieving his revenge.

Gangs of New York



Many of the themes expored in the movie include the mean streets and social stratification of New York; the hierarchy and complex customs in organized crime; violence that lies underneath the surface of civil society and frequently explodes onto it; the American dream and assimilation of immigrants.


Amsterdam Vallon- He is a young Irish immigrant. His father was killed at a young age and he was forced to grow up in a church raised by priests. Now all he can think of is revenge against the man who killed his father.William Cutting- He is the leader of the Natives and is the murder of Amsterdam's father. He is a native born of New York City and a racist. He believes that America is only for those origonally born here( ironic I know).

The movie takes place in New York City during the 1863 draft riots.



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