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Systoms include light pain in early stages. This pain may go unnoticed. Then a red line will occur against the boarder of the affected tissue. Next the area will become cold, numb and pale before it turns brown then black. The infected area will then fall off. If bacterial toxins are spread through the blood steam you may experience fever, rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, altered mental state, diarriea and vomiting.

Symtoms and Diagnosis

The diagnosis can be found by doing two tests. First you can do blood tests to see if any blood has been infected. Then you could do a imaging test to see if gangrene has spread to any of the inner structures of your body. An arteriogram is an imaging test used to look at your arteries.

Most likely you will need to get the gangrene amputated or surgically removed. To heal it there is a procedure where you can administer oxygen under preasure. The preasure in the atmosphere must be lower than the preasure of oxygen your applying for this to work. By doing this the bodies ability to fight off bacterial infection is beleived to be improved.

The prognosis can be generally favorable. There is a 20-25% mortality rate which means about 80% will survive even though this is a very rare condition. And only 15-20% require amputations. Dry gangrene may cause other health problems that will make a harder recovery.

Overview of System


This is very rare in the U. S. however recently gangrene has killed 35 people in Ireland and Britain. Scientists were in a serch for the sorce of the infection so they may isolate it, but they believe they have found the cause.

Recent Events

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The cardiovascular (aka circulatory) system's job is to supply nutrients and oxygen to all organs and tissue. It pumps blood all around the body and also removes waste from the body.

Gangrene is the death of soft tissue, caused by lack of bloos supply. The area of the gangrene is usally get cold and dry. It will most of the time turn black or dark brown. It may also fall off.


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