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Mohandas K. Gandhi

During the time of Gandhi India was not a free country; Gandhi wanted to change that for his people. He led India's independence movment of 1930-40s. He used non-violent protests against the British. On top of his act toward freedom he helped little towns too. He set up groups to clean up bad areas, built schools and hospitals, and worked to improve the lower class.

Deep in the life of Gandhi


The reactions to Gandhi's actions were scattered. The Indian citizens were all for his movement because it would lead them to freedom. Indians also built off his actions to create a larger chance to earn more freedom. Although, the British felt the opposite. They didn't think the Indians deserved freedom.

Gandhi's new ideas

Fun Facts-Born: October 2, 1869; Porbandar, India-Death: January 30, 1948; Delhi, India (assassination)-Indian leader against the British rule-Father & mother; Karamchaud Gandhi & 4th wife, Putlibai-Education was rough; wrote in dust with their fingers-Married to Kasturba Gandhi at age 13


Gandhi had a huge impact in not only India but also the United States. Due to his intrepid acts he encouraged future activists. He heavily influenced Martin Luther King in his act to free his fellow African Americans. Gandhi changed the country of India forever by receiving India's full independence in 1947, when he was 78 years old.

One of Gandhi's non-violent 'weapons' was spinning yarn

Here Gandhi is leading the Indians through their independence movement.

Gandhi's beautiful wife

Gandhi was one of the main contributors to MLK's "I have a dream" speech

Gandhi lived in Porbandar, India most of his life

Compare, contrast and evaluate

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