Gamma rays

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Gamma rays


Details of Gamma RaysGamma waves were discovered by PAUL VILLARD in 1900. Scientists use this type of light wave to treat and kill diseases and determine the elements on other planets.

More interesting facts bout Gamma Rays They are the smallest waves. It is produced by the hottest and most energetic in the universe: neutron stars, pulsars and super nova. Gamma Rays cannot be captured or reflected. They can release energy more than 10 seconds.

THE USES OF GAMMA RAYSThese types of waves have HARMFUL effect on humans. They have enough photon energy to damage the atoms in your body. GAMMA RAYS are used to KILL/TREAT certain types of diseases like cancer, brain tumors and heart abnormalities. They are also used for photographic films like X-RAYS.

PROPERTIES OF GAMMA RAYSThe property of the gamma waves are 1 picometer. It doesn't have the same size of anything. This type of waves comes from RADIOACTIVE and SUPERNOVA. These are sources of GAMMA RAYS. These have a high amount of energy.



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