Gamestar Mechanic Advice

by MrHodgson
Last updated 8 years ago

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Gamestar Mechanic Advice

Advice for Gamestar Mechanic

"I feel you should include multi-player like the option to make your game multi-player so that when you publish it then you can go on at the same time as someone and then play against them like see who can do it the fastest. Also, you should include chatting so that if you’re on at the time as someone else and you have multi-player, then you could ask them if they want to play a game with you. That’s what I think you should include in Gamestar."

"I really liked building and playing games, and that was really different for me, since I don’t usually play any video games. One thing I didn’t like is how design options are limited: you can do a platform or top-down game. To make this more interesting, I would like to be able to design my own avatars, enemies and blocks as much as possible. Also if I was able to download my own music for the soundtrack that would be really cool. But overall I really liked your website!"

Themes that came up in a lot of responses: *Adding the ability for two players (multi-players) to play collaboratively in a single game at the same time * Having collaborative tools across two different accounts (ie, building a game together) * Uploading and/or creating own music soundtrack * Creating own sprites (avatars) for game play * Chatting with other designers while creating a game * Adding more color choices on damage blocks * Adding a third style of game (beyond top-down and platformer) * Creating profile pictures or avatars within Gamestar * Wondering about an app version for mobile devices? * Downloading a version of the game to the desktop

"I enjoy the website as it is but, I think that it would be nice to be able to add our own sounds into our games. It would bring more life to the game and it may be easier for people to see the story of the game."

"I think that you can make this site even better by making things a tiny bit more realistic. Some examples are the backgrounds and the avatars. There should be a bigger variety of blocks, enemies, and avatars."

"To improve Gamestar Mechanic, I would make an icon or box on the website to show the gamers how you can earn more avatars, like how to earn the text box or the shooter gun. Show them what challenges to do to earn more things in your workshop. I LOVE Gamestar Mechanic how it is now anyways."

By Sixth Graders at Norris Elementary School

"I think Gamestar Mechanic was a great experience. I wish that the game design could be 3D. I thought it was great."


  • poulingail 8 years ago

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    This is a great example of students thinking critically, organizing thoughtful responses, and providing excellent comments, balancing the positive with the suggestions for Gamestar Mechanic. It was also neat to see how a larger group collaborates for one poster.