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Gamer Girl

Gamer GirlBy: Mari Mancusi

When Maddy moves from here city life to the country life because of a divorce, she hates her life. She hates it more when she becomes Freak Girl at her new school by the first day. The only way she can excape from the chaos of her world is her manga and her interactive online game Field Of Fantasy. There she becomes the beautiful Allora who is liked by everyone, including her new online friend Sir Leo. Now she can be two different people. But then her real world and her online world are beginning to come in alinement with each other as a budding relationship begins. Now will people take Maddy over Allora?

In The EndingMaddy- Now she knows that she belongs some where and that she has many people who love her. She's not shy anymore and she follow her dreams with all her new friends.Chad-He realizes that being popular is not all that and that he needs to step and protect what he loves. He now isn't scared to do what he loves because he doesn't care what people would say about him.Dad- Now he wants to spend as much time as possible. He sees that he was the reason his family broke apart and now he wants to try to fix his mistakes as best as he can.

In The BeginningMaddy- She is shy and keeps to herself. She is the outcats at her new school. She wants to be like and hopes her parents relationship gets back together.Chad-He doen't know how to stand up for himself or for others. He just stands there watch as Billy bullies everyone who not popular.Dad-He likes to play video games way too much and has no time for his children. He has tron the family apart and yet he doesn't seem to care. Plus, he forgets all important dates.



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