[2015] pablo L y Alexis Halfonso: Game Of Thrones

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[2015] pablo L y Alexis Halfonso: Game Of Thrones

Alexis R and Pablo L

Game Of Thrones

Mottos of the families-Stark:Winter is coming-Targaryen:Fire and blood-Lannister:Hear me Roar-Martell:Unbowed,Unbent,Unbroken-Greyjoy:We do not sow-Baratheon:Ours is the fury-Tyrrel:Growing strong

CharactersAs in this book there are a LOT of characters and all have the same importance. We can mention some characters like: Ned Stark, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, John SnowDaenerys Targaryen and her 3 dragons.

Book Review

Conflict conflcONFLICTict

Main Families


In this book, there are 7 families:-Stark: They live in Winterland and his main objective is protect the wall and the north of Westeros-Lannister: They are the richest of Westeros, and they share the throne with Baratheon.-Baratheon:His main charcter is the king.Roberty baratheon.-Martell:they live in pentos and they hate all the Lannisters.-Greyjoy:they live in the iron islads,and they are enemies of the Stark-Tyrrell:they live in Highgarden and his the second richest family of Westeros-Targaryen:They was the most powerful family because they have dragons but now there is only one targaryen

Game of thrones is for me the best fantastic series of books ina lot of time.In this book we see the political development of a nation,and learn in a easy way politics sciences.If you like books with very adult theme and fantastic you must read this book.

This book is about the fight between 7 families for the control of Westeros (Poniente). While the houses fight, there are other histories that are involved with the main history. There are histories like "The Life Of John Snow In The Wall" and "The Life Of Daenerys Targaryen".


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