Game designers: Satoshi Tajiri

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Game designers: Satoshi Tajiri

Satoshi Tajiri

Video Game Designers:

Satoshi Tajiri is a video game designer, more specifically the creator of pokemon.

The first few pokemon games were designed, directed, scenario written and maps designed by satoshi Tajiri. Though, later on this is less of the case as he maintains position of executive producer later in the franchise.Some of his early projects were games such as 'Mendal Palace', 'Smart Ball', 'Yoshi' and 'pulseman'. All of these titles were created prior to the development of pokemon.Even though pokemon has become very popular throughout all ages, it should be noted that pokemon was disliked and disreguarded by the majority in the beginning.Yet the franchise has grown to many over the years and sparked interest with capturing "Legendaries", with the idea players would trade pokemon.


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