Game Design in Education

by jtate5
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Game Design in Education

A little rest in Second Life

Traveling to different worlds in Second life

Reflection of Second Life:Second Life is a web site that allows people to meet and be social. In Second Life, you can buy land and create your own private get away and invite friends. Second life can be used to meet new people, old friends, classmates, and build relationships. Second life offers a lot of free content, but there are some things you will have to purchase. As an educator, I can see creating my own classroom in Second Life and having my students meet up there to discuss assignments, go over homework, and present projects. I also see Second life as a place that can hurt relationships and family if the people who use it, cannot separate the virtual world from the real world.

Second Life

Game Design in Education

A bird's eye view in second life

Reflection: Video Game Seduction Secrets:One of the seduction secrets of video games is they allow users to make mistakes. This would be great to implement in the education process. If kids know they are allowed to make mistakes, they are free to explore options to solve a problem. Another seduction secret of video games is its ability to allow the gamer to become gods. They can create their own world and learn from their own mistakes and improve their choices. Rewards are another reason games are seductive. Rewards encourage students to continue on their tasks to gain more rewards.


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