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Social Studies

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Gambia official language is English, but they also speak several different languages. 1,000 people from Gambia speaks English and 40,000 people speak English as their second language. This picture is how to say different phrases and how they are written.


This is the religion in Gambia. This country is Muslim.It is people practicing Islam. Also there is 10% of Christians. The country is predominantly Muslim.


The king (shown above) is President Adama Barrow. Gambia is a multiparty republic. The highest judicial body is the Supreme Court. Also the Gambia is organized into Local Government Areas.The majority of members are elected, while five are appointed by the president.

Customs & Traditions

The way they conduct marriage weddings, funerals, however, it is Islam which is the over-riding guide to such ceremonies. Also Christians  have different local customs regarding births, deaths, and marriages. The traditional emphasis on extended family.

Arts & Literature

This picture (shown above) is a art picture made by one of the Gambian. But the cultural area with huge expertise stretching across the generations and down through the centuries was that of music and oral traditions.Until Gambia became independent, there was no existing literary work produced by Gambians.When Africa started seeing its states attaining independence, the wave of change equally affected the African writers.


The Gambia economy has no important mineral or natural resources, and has a limited agriculture base. Also about 75% of the population depends on crops and livestock for its livelihood.Agriculture accounts for 23% of gross domestic product (GDP).The Gambia has a mixed economic system.

Culture of Gambia!

Social Organization

Education in the Gambia takes place in 5 stages, namely lower basic, upper basic and secondary school. Also still to this day, Gambian society is still influenced, though to a lesser extent, by the hierarchical caste structure of its past. A lack of universal facilities prevents this from becoming a reality for some.


In Gambia the rate of use of computers into workplaces is very high; 66.2% of institutions. Photocopying machines are normally found and used in most workplaces, on average about 45.8% institutions used photocopying machines. Also the Gambia was the first country to participate in the undp's Internet Initiative for Africa programme.


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